Bunting Birthday Card

I thought I’d share how to make a Bunting Birthday Card. This is terribly simple but that is why I like it and why it is so handy. It’s my new favourite birthday card to make. You don’t need any special materials, though of course you could make it more fancy if you used special paper or doilies.


Blank card

magazines, colourful scrap paper




1. Cut little triangles out of the magazine or colourful paper.

2. Arrange the triangles in bunting formation on your desk. Play around with it a little.

3. When you are happy with your arrangement glue the triangles on the card. (glue-stick works best, but if you are like me you might end up using wood glue….) If any triangles stick off the edge you can just trim them up.

Write a little birthday greeting and it’s done!


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