Little Pirate

I, even I, have dressed our baby up for Halloween. I have always slightly “pooh-pooh” the practice but of course now find myself, like all new parent I imagine, taking pleasure in putting together a costume. I eat my hat. Or my kerchief. For Little R? A pirate costume.  Of course, it was a little bit the case of “all dressed up and nowhere to go” but we did go for a visit, which allowed other people to fawn over how cute she was, which I guess is pretty much the point! And while of course she had no idea what was going on, it was a good opportunity to induct her into the family tradition of pirate dress.

It won’t be long now till she is dancing round the living room to The Pirates of Penzance. (What? Didn’t you do that?) Seeing her all kitted out also put me in mind of some great Pirate birthday parties that were thrown for my sister, in which we drank apple juice out of beer bottles… Ah, those were such innocent times. Our little pirate is still too little for beer bottles, or eye-patches and I think the sword or cutlass will have to wait a few years. She is now fast asleep. (did I mention it’s slightly odd to nurse somebody with a moustache?)




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