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Christmas Stocking

A Christmas Stocking for Little R. It’s made from a felted wool sweater.

I have two more to make (for us!) and I might try to take photos of the process, for a brief tutorial.

Oh, ¬†full marks for spotting the crochet circle….

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Helmet Hat

This little “Helmet Hat” is just off the needles. The yarn is a blend of wool and silk and is beautifully soft and warm. It’s a bit of an experiment, based on a few patterns I’ve seen, but following none of them exactly. I made it a little big so it will hopefully last the winter. Coincidentally, we’ve mislaid (I know they are around somewhere…) both of Little R’s hats, and as the temperature has just dropped, this one was finished not a moment too soon. We tried it out this morning on our walk.

I love the helmet style. This one is fastened with two wee buttons (though at present it can also just be pulled over her head) to allow for a snug fit around the neck. I plan to make more hats like this so I can experiment more. And because you can never have too many hats.


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Crochet Circles: Snowflake Garland

A week ago I was given two bags full of white crochet circles made by a great-great relation. It was a “they’ll just get thrown out” kind of thing, and I jumped at the opportunity. To me these little circles have “Christmas Crafting” written all over them. Can’t you see it?

That very day I sat down and sewed together a line of them to make a snowflake garland. Not only is it beautiful but it took exactly as much time as I have to devote to crafting; a few minutes!

You have not seen the end of these. I intend to take full advantage, and slap them on everything, so I’m sure they’ll show up in another post soon. And though it may seem like cutting corners, there is something lovely about being able to put these little ones to use, and realize their potential. I feel like it connects me, in a creative way, to another set of “making hands”.

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I have accomplished quite a feat! I’ve moved from *talking about* making Sauerkraut to actually making it. I just made a small batch, to see how it goes, out of two cabbages from our garden. It was remarkably simple, (especially with the shredding attachment on my food processor!) and now all there is to do is wait!


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