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Polka Dog

Introducing Polka Dog, my Christmas present to Little R. He was made following a basic Sock Dog tutorial by Martha Stewart.

I decided against (at least for the time being) adding eyes, since sometimes you can do too much and I think he has quite a lot of character as he is.

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A Jacket for Solstice Eve

I’ve just (almost) finished a Solstice Eve jacket for Little R. It’s very basic and sort of a mix of several kimono jacket patterns which I tailored to her size. I had, as usual, elaborate plans to of handmade seasonal outfits for her, which I set aside in favour of probably the simplest garment one can make! We are headed to a family dinner tonight, Solstice Eve, so it’s finished just in time!

Now I’m just waiting for Little R to wake up so I can hem the bottom and sleeves to the perfect length.

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Ho, Ho, Hot Peppers

It started innocently enough. I needed to make a little decoration to adorn a gift. After several lame attempts I took inspiration from the gift itself – a jar or hot pepper jelly. Peppers are red and green, Christmas….red and green. The only red fabric I have is a flannel printed with Santa Claus. Done and done; the Ho, ho, hot peppers were conceived. I know you are groaning. So am I. But still.

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Simple Advent

I had big plans. I kept thinking that this Christmas should be the start of a myriad of tradition, despite the fact that Little R is too young to notice much about Christmas, and an advent calendar was one of them. Not just any advent calendar, but something really special. I didn’t want it to be about getting treats every day, but more something that would mark the days passing and celebrate the happy anticipation. I wanted it to be something that we could use every year and (this is perhaps the most tricky) something that we could add to as the years went by, and that Little R could contribute to when she is a little older. Oh yes, I had quite the tradition/family heir loom in mind. But as so often happens, I found myself needing to re-access once “reality” was factored in. I’m sure many of you can identify with this. Babies are great reasons to simplify your ambitious crafting dreams, but there are many many more. And while the drive to make things this time of year is a wonderful one, and something many of us very much enjoy (so much better than the commercial Christmas) it’s no good if you beat yourself up for falling short of your Christmas crafting goals! I told myself that there will be lots of time in the coming years to create this “advent calendar supreme”  (note to self: BEGINNING WORK IN SUMMER!) and let go.


So instead this year I have a very simple advent plan. Every day I , or we, will cut a paper snowflake and put it in one of the 24 pane of glass in the front room windows. Simple. Intricate or basic, as time allows. This, I think, is manageable. A tiny, meditative moment. Moreover, each time I make one I’m sure it will remind me to simplify; to ENJOY the making, as much of it as there is, and  let the “undone”  melt, and diminish in importance!

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