New Year’s Good Intentions

As the New Year approached I found myself thinking back to the resolution I made last year and cringing. It was pretty much a failure, and unfortunately, a documented one as I shared my goal with all on my blog. The less said about that the better. I’ve been doing some thinking about resolutions, as it is generally a topic of conversation this time of year. I found myself explaining that I know when the summer comes round I will have more or less abandoned any resolution I make, especially if it was ambitious. One could feel badly about this, of course (and we do, don’t we?) but then I started to think about the New Year more as a new sketchbook. You know the feeling – those lovely crisp white pages, unblemished and inviting. I love this, and fully enjoy a sketchbook at this stage, but I don’t expect it to remain in this state. With use it will get tattered and dog-eared, a bit dirty, and full of sketches, yes, and also grocery lists and phone numbers. And I will rip pages out for something and spill tea on it. The thing is, it is just a beautiful at this point, just very different. You see where I am going with this? The New Year is upon us, and like many others I am excited about the “fresh start” it represents, but I don’t expect it to stay that way and that is fine by me! So, in my lovely fresh “sketchbook” New Year I will begin by sketching some good intentions. (say nothing of the  “road to hell”…)

My “good intentions” surround the dinner table. I want to burn candles every evening at supper. I want to make some more cloth napkins so that we have enough to use, and wash, and loose. I want to bring the food to the table, either in serving dishes (oh so fancy) or just in the pot, so we can serve ourselves from the table and do less of the popping up and down to get this and that. Oh, and I’d also like to get and use a water jug.  In general, as you can see, I’d like to build in a little “ritual”, if I can use that word. There is nothing ground breaking here, and I expect it is quite achievable so maybe these “good intentions” WILL manage to survive all of 2012 but I’m not bothered about that now, I’m just enjoying the clean page.


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