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Cloth Wipes Again

Around this time last year I was sewing cloth wipes for the bump. Now I find myself sewing wipes for another bump, a bump that will soon be my little niece or nephew. This time round I am going for a double layer zigzag seamed wipe and I’m quite pleased with them. I was given a stash of zigzag seamed wipes when Little R was born, and they have been well used and appreciated. Now I have experience sending zigzag seams through the wash (and through the wash and through the wash…) I am more confident that they will stand up! These are 7″ square with rounded corners. I’m making double layer wipes because I think it’s nice to have some thicker ones and with the zigzag stitch it’s really no more work to sew double than single. Plus, all the flannel I have is patterned, so they *look* nicer that way.I’m using flannel scraps as well as some “upcycled” flannel from PJs and receiving blankets.

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On Its Way

Spring is coming. On the mountain things are melting. There is trickling under the grass and rushing in the stream as all the melt water courses downward. And there is mud, squishing and squelching under foot. Snow still lies in patches in the woods, but it is different snow, that gritty, sandy snow which I think must come from cycles of warm and cold. You can feel the difference in the gentle warmth of the sun, and the birds are unmistakably pleased. We may well get more winter weather, and we’ve hard our fair share of remarkably mild days this winter, but I can tell something has changed. Spring is coming; it’s on its way.

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Goings On

(just something we’ve been up to)

A muffin tin of sewing things for Little R to explore while I sew.


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A Valentine Cardigan

I’m sorry, Elizabeth Zimmerman, I let you down. I had to put aside the Tomten I cast on when I realized it would be too big for Little R. (Sheepish. I’ve been really bad at swatches lately.) The sweater would fit her NEXT Valentine’s Day, and I need “instant” gratification to keep me knitting away. So I set it aside, and picked up something else. This little sweater is Cascade, a free download on Ravelry.

This isn’t so set a president of special gifts on Valentine’s Day (fortunately I think she is a bit young to notice!) but it just made a good deadline. I’m really happy with the little wood buttons.


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In time for Valentine’s Day, pink heart cookies, brought to you by beets.

Boil pieces of peeled beet in water for 30 minutes, let it sit, and then use the water for food colouring.

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Little Wood Buttons

What is she making?? Would you have guessed?

I’ve been wanting to make buttons for a while and with a sweater freshly off the needles (coming soon), I found myself in need of a few. And, well, you know what they say: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” And experimentation, I think. So here they are!

I think it is wise to call these a first attempt. I used a piece of ash I found in the barn, but I’m not entirely sure it was overly dry. And the holes are a little wonky. But no matter! They will surely look cute, and work for a while, and if they “go wrong” I can simply make more. We have lots of windfall and pruning pieces about – apple, oak, plum, ash, and I’m looking forward to experimenting with them.

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Recommitting to Natural Body Care

Are you like me? Do you waffle back and forth between using natural and “conventional” body care products?  Every now and again I hear something or read something and think “I really must do a better job” and sometimes I do, for a while, and then either get seduced back to using things I was avoiding for convenience, or the cost, or laziness, or something like that.

I heard a radio program the other day and it reminded me that I’d let things slide. I really want to do a better job. Of course, there is natural and natural, but my main concern in making sure I’m not using something with awful stuff in it. I found this handy pocket guide with a great list of things to avoid, which helps when shopping, or checking out what’s already in the bathroom cupboard. So, being all inspired, I decided to revamp my body care product collection.  And, because this is the kind of thing that pleases me, I decided to use this little shelf I made as a Natural Body Products Shelf. Here’s what’s on it:

apple cider vinegar hair rinse

baking soda paste for washing hair (This works great. I also think that if you decided to save money by going this route, you can afford to pay a little bit more, if necessary, to buy natural body care products.)

flax-seed hair gel (easy to make)

beeswax and olive oil moisturizer (that G made for finishing Little’s R’s wood blocks! Multipurpose!)

Rocky Mountain Foot Butter and Baby Butter

Tom’s Natural Deodorant and Toothpaste

Missing is soap. Right now I think we have a bar of Caprina fragrance free Goat Milk Soap in the shower.

Oh, and breast milk! You can’t get more natural than that, and I put it on everything, though obviously not everybody has access to it…

It is classic me to get excited about this in great part because I’ve now got them all arranged, though some will obviously be kept in the shower.  I had most of the store-bought products already, but simply needed to remember to just use them! Making up the little jars of stuff for my hair took no time at all. So, I’m recommitting, and perhaps you will too!


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