Recommitting to Natural Body Care

Are you like me? Do you waffle back and forth between using natural and “conventional” body care products?  Every now and again I hear something or read something and think “I really must do a better job” and sometimes I do, for a while, and then either get seduced back to using things I was avoiding for convenience, or the cost, or laziness, or something like that.

I heard a radio program the other day and it reminded me that I’d let things slide. I really want to do a better job. Of course, there is natural and natural, but my main concern in making sure I’m not using something with awful stuff in it. I found this handy pocket guide with a great list of things to avoid, which helps when shopping, or checking out what’s already in the bathroom cupboard. So, being all inspired, I decided to revamp my body care product collection.  And, because this is the kind of thing that pleases me, I decided to use this little shelf I made as a Natural Body Products Shelf. Here’s what’s on it:

apple cider vinegar hair rinse

baking soda paste for washing hair (This works great. I also think that if you decided to save money by going this route, you can afford to pay a little bit more, if necessary, to buy natural body care products.)

flax-seed hair gel (easy to make)

beeswax and olive oil moisturizer (that G made for finishing Little’s R’s wood blocks! Multipurpose!)

Rocky Mountain Foot Butter and Baby Butter

Tom’s Natural Deodorant and Toothpaste

Missing is soap. Right now I think we have a bar of Caprina fragrance free Goat Milk Soap in the shower.

Oh, and breast milk! You can’t get more natural than that, and I put it on everything, though obviously not everybody has access to it…

It is classic me to get excited about this in great part because I’ve now got them all arranged, though some will obviously be kept in the shower.  I had most of the store-bought products already, but simply needed to remember to just use them! Making up the little jars of stuff for my hair took no time at all. So, I’m recommitting, and perhaps you will too!



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3 responses to “Recommitting to Natural Body Care

  1. athanasia

    when you finish the ton’s deo you can make your own! i’ll never go back…we use a coconut oil, baking soda and corn starch combo.

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