Cloth Wipes Again

Around this time last year I was sewing cloth wipes for the bump. Now I find myself sewing wipes for another bump, a bump that will soon be my little niece or nephew. This time round I am going for a double layer zigzag seamed wipe and I’m quite pleased with them. I was given a stash of zigzag seamed wipes when Little R was born, and they have been well used and appreciated. Now I have experience sending zigzag seams through the wash (and through the wash and through the wash…) I am more confident that they will stand up! These are 7″ square with rounded corners. I’m making double layer wipes because I think it’s nice to have some thicker ones and with the zigzag stitch it’s really no more work to sew double than single. Plus, all the flannel I have is patterned, so they *look* nicer that way.I’m using flannel scraps as well as some “upcycled” flannel from PJs and receiving blankets.


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  1. I’ve made wipes like this too. The zig zagged edges work fine!

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