Homesteading Plans

Poor old blog. A bit neglected these days. I’ve been rather taken up with plans and schemes and research around gardens, and chickens, and goats. And while I’ve sort of held off posting about these things (lacking suitable visuals) I will do so now, to explain my absence!

First, The Garden: Doesn’t everybody start making garden plans in February and March? Something about knowing spring is coming. I use the snow as a sketch pad and tramp about, outlining beds and fencing. We want to put more into our vegetable garden this year (now that I can help!) and I have plans for a little front garden of herbs and country flowers. With a wattle fence. I got a copy of The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener for my birthday and am very excited about the possibilities. We may not get things in terribly early this year (other things going on….as you will see) but I am very keen to extend the harvest into the winter, and focus energies perhaps more on that than on growing to preserve. So far everything is just in my head but I’m itching to get at it. As a small start I just put a cloche over some chives to encourage the little green tips.

Chickens: Sometime this spring we will be getting 10 chicks. 5 Plymouth Rock and 5 Silver Laced Wyandotte. We need to figure out how to brood them until they are big enough to go outside. And then they will need a coop. After MUCH deliberation we decided on The Garden Coop. We plan on having the chickens free range, but wanted something predator proof (!) and an enclosed run if we are away. This coop seems to have good instructions and the blog has lots of info, alterations and will be great for support.

The Goats: These twin angora/pygmy doelings will be joining us in May.

We decided they would be right for us because of their small size, and space and food needs. I was also intrigued by the possibility of fibre.  Next year, after they have been bred and kidded, we will milk them. Pygmy goats give little (but supposedly very good) milk but I’m hoping it will be about right. We need fencing, and a pen, and I need to finish shingling the barn….

And today finds me,  back to the wood-stove, the trusty John Seymour tome close to hand, plotting ways to grow food for said chickens and goats. (Kind of ties it all together. Which, of course, is the point.)


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