We built a cold-frame a few days ago. I spent a morning hauling around scraps of rotten wood and then G took pity on me and suggested we go buy wood to build the frame. We were able to use an old window for the light, so at least there was some saving there. Incidentally, the cost of wood is something I’m still trying to get used to. Growing up in a house where there was always wood in the basement, I’m always disappointed when building something myself still requires me to pay for supplies. (Another side effect of having a father who could build anything is that despite having practically NO carpentry skills, I’m always convinced I can build things….) But no matter, we bought some wood and put together a frame. And dug a hole. And planted some seeds. Lettuce, swiss chard and carrots. For reasons I won’t get into, we have an extra outdoor thermometer and indoor sensor which is proving very useful for monitoring the temperature inside the cold-frame.

The finished cold-frame.

Little R helping.

The cold-frame in situ.

And now we eagerly wait to see if we manage to coax the seeds to grow and enjoy an early spring in a box.




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3 responses to “Cold-Frame

  1. emily yaverbaum

    excellent! ❤

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