A Ball for the Babe

(sorry everybody, more baby stuff)

Recently, it came to my attention that Little R needed a ball. So I made one using this pattern, and some scrap material. I didn’t get the colour order right with the pieces, but this is what happens when you decide to sew something while making supper, and watching the baby investigate a pile of paperwork. (“I know she’s destroying important things….but also, she is busy…”)

It is also not overly round but as G helpfully pointed out, it is less likely to roll away.

But even if it did…

…she’d have no trouble keeping up!


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One response to “A Ball for the Babe

  1. Nancy Bird

    I’m still admiring the veg toys, and a dandelion salad to be “chuffed”at! The ball is fun. Super photos too.

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