Fair Weather

Little R very much enjoys being propped up on the back of a chair or sofa to look out the window. Enjoys sitting there, and bitterly resents being removed. This morning, as consolation, we headed outside in that half hour chunk of time before her nap normally reserved for….well, what really? – bathing, getting things organized, whatever.

We checked on the little plants in the cold frame, all happily doing quite well even after a slight drama on Easter. I managed to leave the light propped open over night, which in the end was OK since it didn’t get so very cold. I hurried out Easter morning (in a snow storm, it should be said!) to address this, and when I tried clearing the snow from the light I was too heavy-handed and broke the (already cracked) glass. The short story is that a huge clump of heavy slush fell directly on my mesclun, flattening them severely. But today they are fine, so no harm done. (“Poor man’s fertilizer” !)

Then we visited with the cat, and with the green man in the apple tree. A little chickadee hoped from branch to branch, chattering cheerily to us. Little R was entranced. I noticed the buds on the apple are starting to pink up. When we came away the chickadee was on the top-most branch of the tree, merrily singing “so-mi, so-mi”, or as Gary tells me it is known “Fair-weather, fair-weather”. I do believe you are right, little chickadee; it is certainly a beautiful day, and one to be spent outside! Hope you can all enjoy it too!


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