A few days ago I set out to make Dandelion Jelly, inspired by all the cheerful dandelions flowers that seemed to appear over night. Seemed like a fun way to feel productive, while milling about outside with the baby. So we picked some dandelions on a sunny day (or I picked them, will Little R did her best to scatter them about, despite several decoy containers) and the next day I separated the yellow and white parts from the green.

Making the jelly was easy, but unfortunately it didn’t set. I followed the recipe meticulously, but it didn’t say anything about testing the jelly stage, so I didn’t, and I should have. The flavour of the “not so jelly” is pretty subtle, but nice. When I first tasted it all I could taste was sugar, but the next day it had more of a sunny honey flavour. There are, of course, ways to fix runny jelly by cooking it again but as it was just meant to be fun, and dandelions are free I figured I’d follow the advice I read on a website and “label it syrup and move on with my life”.

And so: Dandelion Syrup. To be enjoyed in fizzy water for a drink, or drizzled on fruit salad!



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2 responses to “Dandelion….Syrup

  1. on pancakes?? in yogurt? i love the advice.. “label it syrup and move on with your life” can definitely apply to more than just jelly. ❤

  2. Or add it to tea.. oh boy now I want to make some. *adds it to mental to-do list that I’ll forget in a minute(

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