I’ve been trying to make the most of our rhubarb. Nothing we’ve planted, and growing as it does in various odd spots, it’s fun to tramp about and harvest. (Incidentally, I can’t believe I JUST learned that you are meant to pull and not cut rhubarb!)

So far I’ve made rhubarb muffins and rhubarb oatmeal scones (instead of apple). I also tried a small batch of rhubarb chutney, which was so successful I made a larger batch and canned it. And most recently a rhubarb pie. My pastry left a little to be desired, but the filling was perfect.

I feel like this is just the beginning of the rhubarb, so I’ll probably end up exploring more rhubarb recipes. I’m learning that sometimes baking recipes are too quick to sweeten the rhubarb into submission, so I generally cut back to let the rhubarb shine, or zing.  And I’m particularly interested in the non-dessert recipes. Let me know if you have any!



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3 responses to “Rhubarb

  1. julia christine stephen

    I keep arguing with myself about planting rhubarb. I had heard that it could be dangerous for pets.

    • We are setting up an area for our goats and will have to remove a little bit of rhubarb since the leaves are toxic and I gather goats will just….eat and eat. But I think other pets should be totally fine, as long as it is not a tiny inclosed area. There are lots of things that are toxic to pets and they seem to generally stay clear. Tulips are toxic to cats, for example. I HAVE had an issue with one of my cats sampling a tabletop arrangement when I lived in a small apartment, but I’ve never heard of them getting into them outside.

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