The goats are settling in well. Settling in, and quieting down a bit, thank goodness! I am becoming acquainted with their individual characters. Gretel, I think, will emerge as the matriarch of the herd (if two can be a herd!) and seems the louder of the two. She is also keen to sit on my lap – an endearing, though somewhat awkward trait. Gertie is a firm believer in the ” grass is always greener….” philosophy, and is always pushing her head through the fence and striving for some bit or other, although their enclosure is FULL of the exact same vegetation. For this reason, Little R enjoys sitting outside the pen and feeding her dandelion leaves.

And Little R is besotted with her “guts”. She is wise to their nibbling, so prefers to approach from the side, or behind, and give them lots of pats, “Sofs, sofs, sofs”, or engage in a little goat drumming, as shown. She would probably be happy if we could spend all our time sitting with the goats, feeding them, watching them browse or listening to them chew their cud. And while the necessity of doing other things makes this impossible, I have to say, it is quite a pleasant way to spend your time.


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