Good Cheer Chickens

The newest excitement at Good Cheer is a box of cheeping chicks. 10 in all: 6 Plymouth Barred Rock and 4 Silver Laced Wyandottes. I have to say that obtaining the chicks was not a positive experience but now that they are home and doing well it’s great. Five of the chicks were “day-old” when we got them on Monday evening, four were a few days old and one…well, one is probably about two weeks, and looking very awkward. The others look a this bigger chick as a mother, following it about and ducking underneath, looking for a warm spot. They are, of course, unbearably cute. (though I was not prepared for just how dead a sleeping chick can look!)

We are hoping a good number of these chicks will turn out to be hens, and as such will go on to give us eggs! The roosters…their fate is not entirely decided, but one option is that after a short, but hopefully very good, life with us, they will go on to give us chicken pot pie. I say “us”, though as I haven’t eaten chicken in many years, it will likely be for Little R and G.

But I won’t talk more about their end just yet, since they are only beginning, and it is time to enjoy their fluffy cuteness. (again, oh so “Sofs”)

And it is also time to build a chicken coop!

(And just in case you are wondering, the box shown is not their home, just a box to hold a few for a visit with Little R.)


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  1. They’re gorgeous! It must be delightful having them around

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