Marsh Greens and Wild Strawberries

On Sunday we met a man with a bucket on the beach who told us he was going to get some marsh greens for lunch. This immediately piqued my interested because I had checked the little bit of beach we frequent for edible plants and found none. I should have quizzed him, I suppose, but instead I let him get on his way and quietly watched him walk along the beach so as to be sure to know where I should look! The next day, armed with field guide to foraging, I set off before lunch to see what I could find. We took a short cut through a kind neighbours field and the moment I stepped onto the beach I found the plant I was looking for – must be the easiest bit of foraging ever!

Marsh greens, predictably, are known by many names. Goose tongue greens, seaside plantain among others. I found the most info online by looking for goose tongue greens. I was careful to follow advice to take only part of the plant, and not pull it by its roots, so it will be able to grow again.

Once home with the greens I set about deciding what to do with them. Most people seemed to recommend eating them with vinegar, as a side dish. I don’t tend to cook many side dishes. Maybe it’s being vegetarian, or maybe I just prefer on dish kind of meals. Anyway, my mind went “vinegar…..balsamic vinegar…strawberries” (perhaps a bit of a leap for some, but I love strawberries with balsamic vinegar) so Little R and I went round the outside of the house picking wild strawberries from the grass. I made a little collection and Little R ate hers.

I then had three ingredients on which to build a meal so I decided to throw together a pasta salad. It went something like this:

caramelized onion (done with balsamic and maple syrup)


feta cheese

marsh greens, boiled lightly

wild strawberries

in a dressing of olive oil with more balsamic vinegar and syrup and pepper

And then we ate it all up. Delicious. I will definitely be going back for more marsh greens!


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