Yes Peas! (and other stuff from the garden)

Today, a little look at a few things in the garden.

Peas. Looking good for a healthy crop!

Kale! Oh kale. There was a time when I thought kale was mainly for guinea pigs. But I have learned to appreciate it as a wonderful leaf veg. I started these plants in the cold frame and they all did spectacularly, so I’m very pleased. And the harvest has begun!

After several years of wondering why my swiss chard would always “dry up” I’ve discovered that it is due to vile little leaf-minors. I also started swiss chard in the cold frame and it was doing do well only to be struck down. No pictures of this, it just looks sad. We have another row or two just coming up but I’m not sure there is anything we can do to avoid a similar plight. I’ll look into it some more and if not perhaps we can just pick it all as micro greens.

Beets. I have been thinning these this week and we’ve been eating the thinnings. A few salads, and a baby beet green pizza. Still a bit more to do today.

And garlic scapes. They just look fun, don’t they.

I really enjoy thinking about what is out there when I’m trying to plan a meal, and see how much of our own stuff I can use. Of course, this gets easier and easier, but there is something so satisfying about the relatively early harvest.



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7 responses to “Yes Peas! (and other stuff from the garden)

  1. Jennifer

    Yes! We made garlic scape pesto last night. So satisfying to have plucked the scapes from our own backyard.

  2. Glorious. Nothing quite as satisfying, in my opinion! I wouldn’t be too quick to pull that chard. I’ve had chard bounce back from pretty dire circumstances and then produce for an amazingly long time. Let us know what happens!

    • Yes, you’re right! I was going to wait a bit anyway, but was just chatting to somebody about it and have decided just to remove affected leaves if trouble arrises. Though I do need to thin them a bit.

  3. Your garden looks like it is growing well and I hope you do well with the next lot of chard. I am with the old you, kale is my husband’s pet rats favourite food! I’ve never heard of garlic ‘scapes’ before: is it just the green tops of the garlic plants? Another question for you while I’m at it – can you eat beetroot leaf and if so is it tasty?! Thanks.

    • Yes, garlic scapes are the top of the garlic – the curly bit. It has lots of other names, I think. And yes, you can eat beetroot leaf! When we thin them as young plants the leaves and delicious. I think that after you let the beets grow the greens are not so good, but you could probably still eat them.

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