Sewing Cards

It has been a while since I posted about anything creative (as in visual arts, non gardening/livestock and so forth). It’s not that I haven’t been active in that way, but more that I tend to be making cards and gifts (slightly last-minute??) and never seem to document anything for this space. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with sewing some cards. It started out of necessity when I need to make a card and found myself short on supplies, but I’ve been rather enjoying exploring the technique.

My latest is a card with a picture of…..a goat. Just when you thought there would be a break from the theme. But, you know, inspiration from daily life and all. I’m still working on the logistics of this method but it’s a good project for me these days, since it is easy to start and stop. So, in between posts on gardening and animals, and the baby, you will probably see more of these.



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