Rose Petal Vinegar

A few weeks ago I had a longing to do some preserving. It was a stunningly beautiful summer day, and I suppose I felt inclined to capture it somehow, to bottle it up. I also had a particularly clingy  one year old, and knew that any elaborate recipes, or anything that involved boiling and timing of any kind was liable to end in frustration. And that’s when I decided to make rose petal vinegar.

Little R rambled happily about outside (well, mostly happy) as I picked pink petals from the wild roses that grow around our property. I stuffed them in a jar, pausing occasionally to hold it up to my nose and inhale the sweet scent. When I was done picking I filled the jar with apple cider vinegar and covered it with plastic wrap. (I gather with vinegar you want to avoid metal lids.)

And that was that. I let the vinegar sit for a few weeks. It took on a rosy hue. Then I strained the vinegar and decanted it into a pretty glass jar with a cork. The scent of the roses is still quite strong, even through the vinegar. You can use this for all manner of things but so far I’ve just used it diluted as a hair rinse.

And now the roses are over, and I still have a bit of their sweet perfume bottled away.

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