A Farewell

This morning we said goodbye to the goats. They have gone to a new home, to join a herd, where we hope they will be happy.

It was a problem of noise. The initial “I miss my mother!” screaming settled down, but was soon replaced by habitual racket. I’m not going to get into it, and we tried various things to no avail. Eventually, I had to conceded that it wasn’t working for us, and maybe not even for them. So the difficult decision was made.

I am feeling a little sad about it today – they looked so small and loveable driving off in the back of the car, and Little R’s “Bye bye, guts” brought a tear to my eye. There is the inevitable feeling of failure, and disappointment. The goats were a big dream, and in spite of their noise, they were also terribly cute and friendly. But I have learned from this. And I keep reminding myself that this difficult situation is not the heart-rending nightmare that some beginner mistakes and bad luck can produce. I’m thinking lost, injured or dead animals. Gertie and Gretel are off to a new life, where it sounds like they will be very happy.

There is talk, now, of sheep; quieter farm friends. I like thinking about this, since it is good to feel that this unsuccessful experience is not the end of our livestock ideas. But we will take our time.

Bye bye, guts. Thanks for the good times: for eating the japanese knotweed, amusing the baby and being a part, though transitory, of our life here at Good Cheer.

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