Working with Beans

Little R has been doing a lot of work with beans. Beans, chickpeas, lentils, rice…. Oh, those old sensory standbys. She will work with beans with various measuring containers, spoons, and especially little pots with lids, for ages. After offering them one day, and seeing how much she loved them, I had a weird moment where I thought I should somehow “save it up” and offer this kind of thing only occasionally so she would still be really excited by it. Fortunately, I checked that, and realized that I should be supporting this interest by making it possible for her to continue her exploration. So she has had beans and pots and jars for several days now. Her fine motor skills have developed rapidly. She is pouring beans back and forth from variously sized containers in a way that she could not have done just a few days ago. Even just the sheer amount of time she is happy to spend at this is telling. So we’ll keep up the work with beans!



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