Rose Hips

Yesterday two things happened: Little R found and became interested in a beaded necklace of mine and a friend mentioned stringing rose hips together to make a garland. My brain put them together. So I collected a few handfuls of hips, and while Little R napped (and while I should have been doing countless other things) I made a little necklace and bracelet out of them. They are such pleasing objects and they looked quite inviting, all strung together.

They were loved.  And then they were broken (entirely expectedly) so we sat outside in the beautiful late afternoon sunshine while I made bracelets for both of us using elastic thread.

The elastic thread held up much better, with Little R’s bracelet lasting until this morning. Ah, but they are beautiful things of impermanence anyway. And then mummy and baby were both saved from a horrid and crabby morning by going out to pick some more rose hips in the sun.

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Filed under gardening, making, with the baby

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