The Luminous Quince

I have very little experience with quinces. We have a bush that produces a small number of fruit, but not enough for anything. I’ve been eyeing a quince bush in the garden of an empty house I pass on one of my walks. Yellow, glowing balls. I waited and waited to see if anybody was going to pick them but as they began to fall to the ground, un-collected, I felt emboldened and picked a few to add to my collection. They really are most beautiful, and their skin is very fragrant. As I washed them and laid them out on the counter I kept thinking of Flora Post’s “golden orb”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you need to read (or watch for that matter)  Cold Comfort Farm.

I turned my golden orbs into Quince Jelly. Having never tasted quince before I was eager to sample it. It reminds me very much of plum jelly and this particular batch seems to have quite a nice balance of tart and sweet. I made 3 jars for the pantry shelf and a half jar to start on right away. I won’t leave them in the light, of course, but they do look luminous, don’t they?

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