Dressing George

This is George.

George was given to Little R by a kind neighbour a few months ago, just when she was beginning to pay attention to dolls and stuffed toys. It was her first doll. Now, if I had chosen a doll for her I’m not sure what I would have gone for – maybe a realistic newborn doll that could be undressed and bathed, or perhaps a more organic and simple looking handmade soft doll. I’m not exactly sure, but I know I wouldn’t have chosen George. But George arrived, and quickly became a favourite with Little R.

I decided to make George some clothes, in part to support Little R’s interest in this type of play, but perhaps also to welcome George into the fold, as it were, by loving him with handmades.

Happily, Little R was very pleased with the pants and sweater. I also made a bootie (just one) that was firmly rejected, so he will have bare feet for the time being.


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