November Jack-O-Lantern

I remember this from working with young children. Older kids and adults tend to be very interested in the build up to holidays, festivals and celebrations, but young children often can’t remember last year, and tend not to get as excited beforehand.  But then after the fact, once they’ve seen what it’s all about, they often want to explore it more. Makes sense.

Our Halloween was low-key and we didn’t make a Jack-O-Lantern. I’m not saying this was a considered decision; being short on time and lacking a pumpkin that I was happy to sacrifice had more to do with it! But at any rate I didn’t fret, because I knew if it was something she was interested in we’d get to it someday. And she has been very interested in pumpkins since we harvested our own and enjoys hefting them about and hugging them. A trip to the grocery store meant stopping to visit (and fondle) the pumpkins lined up outside in the days leading up to Halloween. As we’ve been eating our way through our pumpkins I try to involve her when I cut them up and she is very keen to help wash, roast and eat the seeds. In keeping with this enthusiasm we borrowed a library book called “It’s Pumpkin Time” which became a big favourite, and which introduced the Jack-O-Lantern concept. You can see where I’m going with this, or perhaps more appropriately, where SHE’s going….

On November 13, we found ourselves carving a Jack-O-Lantern. A little late, calendar wise, but exactly right for Little R.

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