Getting Out



We haven’t yet hit the cold weather, but it does take a little bit more effort to get out these days. In the summer and fall we could move almost seamlessly in and out but now more layers are required and the doors are closed tight, firmly defining inside from out. But I still want to get out there! I like to think getting out is the answer to everything and it is my standard go-to . There seems to be quite a correlation between a good day and a day with a chunk of time spent outside. So I am making in my goal to make sure Little R and I do just that, spend a chunk of time outside. Sometimes we are just hanging about at home with the chickens but other days I like to venture a bit further to take in the beautiful nature we have around here! Certainly, in the coming months it will be more of a challenge, but it can only help to make it habitual.

(Note that when we are doing all this “getting out” I’m rarely getting much done, except perhaps cleaning out the coop or tending the chickens when we are close to home, so I do like to remind myself how important it is.)

Carefully balanced pinecones.

Puddle encountered on a walk on the dykes.

Boots on the beach.

Collecting rocks.

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