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And these are the decorations I made this year. Little cornstarch clay toadstools. I think what I love best about these is the way they attach to the branches instead of hang. This was achieved by glueing some wire into a little hole at the base. This step was a little problematic. I think any glue would hold, but of course you have to twist the wire to attach the toadstools to the branch, which will potentially put stress on the bond. Anyway, I hope it holds, and if the do give up after a while, it should be fairly simple to glue them back on.


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Little R’s Ornaments


Made with cornstarch clay and watercolour. She eagerly participated in every step; mixing the clay, rolling and cutting, adding texture and painting. I think we need to make some more! It was such fun to introduce her to the tradition of handmade gifts

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Bringing in the Green


Last night we decorated the tree, and today we are bringing in the green. We’ve put little boughs all over the house, and needles all over the floor and the house feels suitably transformed. One of my favourite parts of Christmas.



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