The Songs We Sing

Well, right now a lot of the songs we sing, or the songs Little R is singing, are Christmas songs. Jingle Bells, Silent Night and Angels We Have Heard On High are not going away any time soon. Perhaps that’s why I was pleased when I stumbled across a book of children’s songs at the library.  It’s a collection of 40 songs, including written music, accompanied by beautiful artwork. We both love sitting down and turning through the pages, admiring the pictures and singing the songs. I realize there may not be that many who can read the music (though of course many of the songs are well-known) but for us it’s great, and it gives us a chance to add to the repertoire. In a way I can’t believe we didn’t think of it before and I’ll be on the lookout for other such books. I also like the idea that just as she sees us reading text and putting together that words on a page can become spoken words, she will begin to learn that notes are realized as music. What better thing to do on a chilly day than cozy up by the fire, or cluster round the piano, and have a little sing-song?



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2 responses to “The Songs We Sing

  1. This is a wonderful idea. I love the notion that she can also understand that pictures can be related to all kinds of “reading” (music, words, etc.). We have a book of French comptines with music, and sometimes sit with a recorder and a drum and try to pick (bash) the tunes out. But I never thought much about how it relates to reading, so thank you. Always a beautiful way of putting things.

  2. Nancy Bird

    Mental telepathy right there! I was thinking of how R would enjoy singing with some notes around on a page, to make the connection easily and casually, and to explore a whole range of sounds besides.

    Alex Pauk is on MY Music on CBC this morning, and his approach is similar, encouraging a whiole range of fresh sounds, such as Prayer Wheels, by his mentor.

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