Loving, a January List


All thirteen of Little R’s farm animals (a Christmas Present from Granny) lovingly set-up for a late afternoon story time. “Ready guys?”

So, it’s January. And it’s cold. One can get a bit cabin feverish, especially when faced with the fact that it is January and there are several months of winter to go.  I was thinking that maybe January could use a little help, so here is a list of things I am loving about this month.

Warm Eggs – Finding a warm egg on a bitterly cold day is one of life’s little pleasures. You should try it. It feels special and “everyday” at the same time. Our black hen Betsy refuses to lay in the nesting boxes, preferring to trek to the barn and lay in the hay. Even through a snow-storm.  It can be a bit of a pain, as the barn door must be open for her, and she gets put out if that cat is in her way and the other night she stayed there till dark and I had to pick her up to return her to the henhouse with the others. But it is also endearing and Betsy is quite a character. I love heading to the barn to retrieve her egg.

Beatrix Potter: I’ve been reading her biography with a flashlight under the covers. Little R has been having wakeful late evenings and simply won’t sleep if I’m not in the room so I curl up with my book and make the most of it. I’m enjoying the book immensely and I find Miss Potter, as she often called herself, very inspiring.

Sketching Chickens: I told you I was inspired! I’ve recently picked up pencil and sketch pad after a break of….too many years, and am having a great time. Sketching both outside from life and from photos. Yesterday Little R and I had a sketching session, in which I drew chickens and she alternately “helped” and worked in her own book, all the while keeping up a narrative chatter.

Salsa and other Fruits of Summer Labour: There is never enough, of course. But really, isn’t it January the time to crack open those jars of salsa, enjoy some frozen berries or spread a little quince jelly? It certainly is.

Wood Heat: Full disclosure, I am not the one who does all the stacking, lugging and chopping of wood. I do make fires, and tend them, but this is nothing compared to the other work. Ah, but there is nothing like a fire in the winter. And since the act of keeping warm requires more from us I feel like the fire warms us even more, if you know what I mean.


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  1. Sarah

    I needed that Catherine 😉

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