Valentine Crafting


Yesterday we had a small crafting “party” for some of Little R’s friends. (smaller even than we had hoped, due to illness) Little R is fortunate to have a number of “big kid” friends so I thought this would be a good opportunity to do something for them. Plus, it gave me a chance to come up with something for older children which is nice for a change. I do so love just sitting around a table and making things together. Little R participated happily and was also very interested in watching the others.

We made these wood sewing card valentines out of shingles. Originally I was going to do a printing activity with the shingles but when G saw the inked up wood he suggested that the kids would probably also just like keeping the wood which, I then remembered, is true. So I thought I’d go in that direction and just decorate the wood. (Maybe avoiding the mess of printing was a wise move.) I pre-drilled the holes in heart formation because I was anticipating a larger crew, but it would also be fun to drill according to each child’s design. We decorated them with markers and pencil crayons and then stitched them up. I enjoyed this and see potential in exploring this further, so I’m glad there’s a stack of shingles in the barn!



And then there was snack and heart cookies and strawberries dipped in chocolate and pink juice. What more does a Valentine Party need??

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