Easter Basket


Little R’s Easter Basket included:

A jar of bubble mixture and a wand.

Dried mango and dried cranberries, thanks for my mother for the idea of dried fruit as treats.

A felt easter egg with a tiny chick inside. I made this egg yesterday, quite last-minute, following these instructions. I wasn’t quite happy with the way I cut the opening but it was really easy and fun to make and I will definitely be making a bunch for nest year! (I might even do some now.) I think I will probably make a straight slit and experiment with a ribbon tied around the egg. And an egg like this could hide all sorts of surprises.



A bird’s nest with three tiny little chocolate eggs inside. Little R’s first candy. It took her a while to figure out they were for eating and then she was somewhat alarmingly keen. I knew that would happen. But the eggs just looked so perfect in the nest. It reminded me of when I was a kid and found one on the sidewalk. I took it home and nestled it inside a plush jewellery box under a bright lamp, convinced it was a real egg and might hatch…



“Bird eggs in there!”

Happy Easter!

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