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Chocolate Bunny Slippers

A pair of bunny slippers for my little nephew. Just in time, I hope, for Easter. The yarn I had to use was a chocolate-brown so I decided to make the eyes in a confectionary yellow and blue style. I’m not convinced that these with fit, or stay on, but it’s more of a notional gift anyway.


I have knitted some non-bunny slippers in a similar style and was going to just make up some ears, but then I found this pattern and decided to go with it. I used 4.5mm needles and worsted yarn, and the design is fairly stretchy so they do look as though they could accommodate a range of sizes. They also look like they would be quite happy nestled in an Easter Basket.

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A Valentine Cardigan

I’m sorry, Elizabeth Zimmerman, I let you down. I had to put aside the Tomten I cast on when I realized it would be too big for Little R. (Sheepish. I’ve been really bad at swatches lately.) The sweater would fit her NEXT Valentine’s Day, and I need “instant” gratification to keep me knitting away. So I set it aside, and picked up something else. This little sweater is Cascade, a free download on Ravelry.

This isn’t so set a president of special gifts on Valentine’s Day (fortunately I think she is a bit young to notice!) but it just made a good deadline. I’m really happy with the little wood buttons.


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Wool Pants

(Apologies to those of you who have been hoping I might someday post about making something NOT for Little R. I’m afraid there is not much chance of that. She is pretty much in constant need of clothing so I have to channel creative energy in that direction.)

Recently completed: Two pairs of wool pants for the baby, one knit and one sewn.

The blue pants are from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s baby legging pattern. Or at least, I started with the pattern. I gave absolutely NO thought to sizing, or gauge, or anything, just cast on, and then changed a few things as I went. Happily, they fit quite well, so while it was a chance for me to learn my lesson, I’m not sure I did!

The pink pair, more properly “pants”, are sewn from a thrifted sweater. I just traced “generously” around a pair she already had to make a basic pattern.

The wool pants are the newest item in our approach to EC. We have been doing very well with no diaper, only one or two “misses” a day, so I decided to try putting her in pants. I’ve lanalized them, so if they do get wet we only need to hang them up to dry. (Wool is wonderful this way.) I guess it is sort of the same concept of using a wool soaker, except we aren’t using a diaper. She also goes “no diaper” on our walks, and wearing wool ensures that if she did happen to pee she would not get cold. I think I’ve only been peed on once so this is pretty rare.

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Casting on for Tomten

I am a little bit in love with Elizabeth Zimmerman right now. I’ve been a fan for a while, but there is something about winter and wool and a certain mindset which makes me want to work some “EZ”. Oh, and even more so for her championing of wool for babies. Before Little R was born, when I began knitting baby stuff, I always wanted to work with wool but felt a bit hesitant. Now that she’s here, and wearing her wool knits, I know that Elizabeth was right. And I know you can get machine washable wool, but regardless, wool just doesn’t need to be washed as much as if kind of cleans itself. (more on this later) And it’s warm.

Today I am casting on for a red and cream Tomten. I’m hoping it doesn’t take me this long, but if it does, I figure the colours make it a perfect goal for Valentine’s Day.

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Helmet Hat

This little “Helmet Hat” is just off the needles. The yarn is a blend of wool and silk and is beautifully soft and warm. It’s a bit of an experiment, based on a few patterns I’ve seen, but following none of them exactly. I made it a little big so it will hopefully last the winter. Coincidentally, we’ve mislaid (I know they are around somewhere…) both of Little R’s hats, and as the temperature has just dropped, this one was finished not a moment too soon. We tried it out this morning on our walk.

I love the helmet style. This one is fastened with two wee buttons (though at present it can also just be pulled over her head) to allow for a snug fit around the neck. I plan to make more hats like this so I can experiment more. And because you can never have too many hats.


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One Skein Warmer

I have discovered I can knit in the car. Well, as long as the road is pretty straight. Anyway, on a recent trip I had a chance to turn a skein if Manos del Uruguay into a shrug/vest for Little R. I used this pattern, (for those of you on Ravelry) with the only modification being I cast on 4 stitches at the underarm. Not sure why exactly, but I just felt I should so I did. I’m probably going to make a closure for it – big button or toggle – and maybe block it(!), but nothing beats putting something on the baby “hot off the needles”.

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Little Friend Cloth

Bit by bit, very tiny bit by tiny bit, I am getting back into some making. I’ve been trying to do some more sewing for little R, but that is proving a little tricky. I’ve managed some knitting though. I made this Little Friend Cloth hoping to give it as a gift at a baby shower the other day but I didn’t get it done. Very basic knitting, as you can see, using a bit of cotton I had hanging about. The head is simply two layers, forming a sort of wide loop and I made the eyes and nose by needle felting. This little friend can be used as a face cloth or chew toy. Not sure exactly what sort of creature it is, hence the “little friend” title!


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