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A Little Snowy Walk

Christmas has happened. All the preparation, the gift making, the decorating, the cooking, the eating and celebrating. And I have found that I took pictures of pretty much nothing! We have just returned from visiting family in the valley, where I should have been taking photos left and right of the beautiful houses, the cookie decorating and the joyful  (if a bit cacophonous) music making. Not to mention the beautiful winter landscape. I was constantly eyeing the way the yellow tufts of grass stuck up through the snow, the dark purple of the mountain backdrop, the intricate tangle of bare branches….. But alas these things will just have to live inside my head!

This morning we woke up in my aunt and uncles beautiful “Christmas house”, and I at least managed to pull out my camera as went for a little snowy walk down to the river before heading back to the city.

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