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Dobbin the Rocking Horse


Just wanted to tell you about the rocking horse G and I made for Little R this Christmas. Well, G built it and I think he did an amazing job. He found a design online, but changed ┬áhead to look more real and less like a cartoon. My part was the paint job, and hair. I looked at lots of rocking horses to get ideas for the face. I started with an eye, added the nose and then hummed and hawed a lot about a bridle. In the end I decided to add one, for a bit of colour, and I’m glad I did. The original design simply called for a painted mane, but we really wanted a “real” one made of wool. I used staples to attach both mane and tail in chunks. This wasn’t a technique I found anybody describing but it worked really well. When the mane lies on one side or other of the neck, it totally covers the staples.

It was lovely to work together on a project like this. A real joint effort, but with each of us having a part to play. We were right down to the line, too, staying up late to make sure we could get a coat of paint or finish on in time for it to dry in time for our next opportunity to work on it.

We were both really excited for Little R to see the rocking horse, and her reaction was most gratifying. We went a little “paparazzi” on the moment, with photos and video camera. Christmas night found us huddled round the video camera , replaying her reaction and grinning.

Dobbin is a very well-loved horse.




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