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The chickens? They’re over there.

First shorts. First shorts of the summer. First shorts ever for Little R. First sewing project in ages. I made them using this wonderful pattern and tutorial. It’s a pattern for pants with many variations, shorts being one. Though you can’t tell from these pictures, the shorts have an elastic waist with a flat front, which is a nice touch. I am definitely making more. Next up are some shorts with pockets!



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(oh my, I just can’t keep up with the blogging!)

In response to a complete lack of clothing for Ruth, I’ve been doing some sewing. I found this pattern for an easy peasant top and I’ve made three so far. I guess that tells you that it is very easy, quick and satisfying to sew. And I love Little R in these tops. I want to make some with long sleeves, since if she is out in the sun I’d prefer to have her little arms covered.


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Birthday Bunting

We have a little birthday coming up; a first birthday.  Strangely, I do not seem to have made anything yet for Little R’s special day. A  bit of in decisiveness, a bit of just getting caught up in things, I guess. (Really, what have I been doing? Not blogging, that’s for sure!)  Feeling badly about this, but am reminding myself that I don’t seem to have any problem making her things for no special reason at all. What I have made is  a quick birthday bunting from some scrap fabric. Double triangle pieces zig-zagged together and attached to some bias binding I had lying around.  Since gifts might go largely over her head anyway, maybe it’s just as nice to make something that can start a tradition of birthday decorating.


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A Ball for the Babe

(sorry everybody, more baby stuff)

Recently, it came to my attention that Little R needed a ball. So I made one using this pattern, and some scrap material. I didn’t get the colour order right with the pieces, but this is what happens when you decide to sew something while making supper, and watching the baby investigate a pile of paperwork. (“I know she’s destroying important things….but also, she is busy…”)

It is also not overly round but as G helpfully pointed out, it is less likely to roll away.

But even if it did…

…she’d have no trouble keeping up!

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Wool Pants

(Apologies to those of you who have been hoping I might someday post about making something NOT for Little R. I’m afraid there is not much chance of that. She is pretty much in constant need of clothing so I have to channel creative energy in that direction.)

Recently completed: Two pairs of wool pants for the baby, one knit and one sewn.

The blue pants are from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s baby legging pattern. Or at least, I started with the pattern. I gave absolutely NO thought to sizing, or gauge, or anything, just cast on, and then changed a few things as I went. Happily, they fit quite well, so while it was a chance for me to learn my lesson, I’m not sure I did!

The pink pair, more properly “pants”, are sewn from a thrifted sweater. I just traced “generously” around a pair she already had to make a basic pattern.

The wool pants are the newest item in our approach to EC. We have been doing very well with no diaper, only one or two “misses” a day, so I decided to try putting her in pants. I’ve lanalized them, so if they do get wet we only need to hang them up to dry. (Wool is wonderful this way.) I guess it is sort of the same concept of using a wool soaker, except we aren’t using a diaper. She also goes “no diaper” on our walks, and wearing wool ensures that if she did happen to pee she would not get cold. I think I’ve only been peed on once so this is pretty rare.

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A Jacket for Solstice Eve

I’ve just (almost) finished a Solstice Eve jacket for Little R. It’s very basic and sort of a mix of several kimono jacket patterns which I tailored to her size. I had, as usual, elaborate plans to of handmade seasonal outfits for her, which I set aside in favour of probably the simplest garment one can make! We are headed to a family dinner tonight, Solstice Eve, so it’s finished just in time!

Now I’m just waiting for Little R to wake up so I can hem the bottom and sleeves to the perfect length.

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Ho, Ho, Hot Peppers

It started innocently enough. I needed to make a little decoration to adorn a gift. After several lame attempts I took inspiration from the gift itself – a jar or hot pepper jelly. Peppers are red and green, Christmas….red and green. The only red fabric I have is a flannel printed with Santa Claus. Done and done; the Ho, ho, hot peppers were conceived. I know you are groaning. So am I. But still.

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