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Crock-Pot Tuesday

For the second Tuesday in a row I’ve put something in the crock-pot for supper. Seeing as we are both out early Tuesday evening and come back later in the evening, I thought it would be a good excuse to dig out the crock-pot and look for recipes so that dinner would be ready and waiting on our return. Last week, it was baked beans, which I’ve done before, and which are very “standard”. I think most people probably think beans when they thing crock-pot. Today, however, I’ve decided to try lasagna! I used this recipe, though I halved this recipe (this must be for an absolutely gigantic crock-pot!) It doesn’t seem like lasagna in a crock-pot would work out that well but it was surprisingly good. It was lovely to walk into the house and be met with the delicious smell. Two things I should mention. First, in keeping with my general style, I didn’t just make half the recipe, but also messed around with it a bit, using cottage and ricotta cheese, leaving out the mushrooms and adding a few other vegetables, but I think the recipe is good as a template. Secondly, and most important, if you try this recipe I’d recommend trying it first when you have a chance to check on it at some point, or you are working from home or something. The timing of it is a bit fussier than say a stew, which you could leave and not worry about. My lasagna was cooking on high from 2 – 7:15, and I turned it off for about 30 minutes during that time. That was just about perfect. But you could probably significantly extend the cooking time for when you are out all day if you used a low setting, but I would definitely experiment with that on a day I could check on it first.

Sorry, no picture. You’ll have to use your imagination….or better yet, make your own!

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