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Casting on for Tomten

I am a little bit in love with Elizabeth Zimmerman right now. I’ve been a fan for a while, but there is something about winter and wool and a certain mindset which makes me want to work some “EZ”. Oh, and even more so for her championing of wool for babies. Before Little R was born, when I began knitting baby stuff, I always wanted to work with wool but felt a bit hesitant. Now that she’s here, and wearing her wool knits, I know that Elizabeth was right. And I know you can get machine washable wool, but regardless, wool just doesn’t need to be washed as much as if kind of cleans itself. (more on this later) And it’s warm.

Today I am casting on for a red and cream Tomten. I’m hoping it doesn’t take me this long, but if it does, I figure the colours make it a perfect goal for Valentine’s Day.

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