Stripy Eggs

Here is an Easter activity for little hands. Of course, anybody can make these, and I had fun making my own, but this is perfect for the youngest set (3, maybe even 2 1/2). It is easy for them to be very successful with minimum assistance.

Stripy Eggs


cardboard (ideally something thicker than a tissue box) with one side “plain”


paint (different kinds of paint achieve different coverage. As long as the cardboard is brown, or white or something, it will still be pleasing)

paint brushes

something to do while the paint dries!

pinking shears you don’t mind cutting cardboard with

scraps of yarn or embroidery floss


1. Using a pencil draw eggs of various sizes on the cardboard.

2. Paint each egg a solid colour. It’s a good idea to do a lot of eggs at this stage as it is so easy. You never know how popular wrapping may be, and this way you can have lots of eggs to wrap. (maybe even to leave out at the craft table for future wrapping)

3. Wait for them to dry. If you are working with little ones, maybe take this time to read a book, or have a snack….

4. (adult) Using the pinking shears, cut out the eggs. The zigzag edge will make it easy to wrap the eggs.

5. Time to wrap the eggs! You have several options here. You can either make a little slit with straight scissors at the edge of an egg and wedge the end of the yarn in to secure it, or simply tape the end of the yarn to the back. The second option is easiest for kids to do themselves. Then get wrapping! Secure the end in the same way you started.

And that’s that! If you are looking for a nice way to display your egg collection consider attaching them to a piece a long piece of ribbon (using glue, or again, tape)  and hanging them on the wall.

Some other ideas: You can use plain brown cardboard or white cardboard to look like natural eggs. Try making some giant eggs and using several colours of yarn for the stripes.



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5 responses to “Stripy Eggs

  1. Love it! What a great craft for my little young ones — wrapping is such a good skill, and I esp. like the way the eggs look so nice no matter what.

  2. I love this! Thanks for sharing. I pinned it to my board at

  3. Love how attached them all on a ribbon for display. We have been playing this wrapping/ webbing too but not egg shaped

  4. I LOVE THESE! Posting to my fb page! With different colors of string would be cool too!

  5. New follower here at I love the beautiful things you do!


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