I have felt a shift. Little R seems to have moved, imperceptibly and at the same time all at once, from baby to toddler, or almost toddler. And this shift me thinking about how we do things, about space, and our days. The teacher in me, or my experience as a teacher, at any rate, is stirring a little, as I remember thoughts and ideas. At the same time, this is new to me as a mother, so I feel certain I will be learning, changing things, discovering things. When she first learned to crawl, the modus operandi was EXPLORE, and I knew that traveling through the house (and roaming over the grass) was exactly what she need. And she was always very engrossed in her work as she took the house apart! But with this “shift” I’m talking about, the curious taking apart became a little bit more repetitive and I sensed that she might enjoy something with…how to put it…a little more meaning.

I’ve gathered up all the toys and in their place have been focusing on creating some “areas” for Little R. At various points so far, I’ve tried something similar, but now that Little R is older it seems to make even more sense. Nature table, block area, book corner, and some low tables that can serve as her “work stations”. I have various other ideas, which I may post about later as I complete them. And then, while she is sleeping, I put together a few activities or baskets for her to explore. A bowl and lid full of feathers, a piggybank and change. Yesterday I set up a little table of three vases, with some branches we picked up on a walk for arranging.

I feel I could write a long untidy post (getting there already) about my thoughts on this. I could discuss philosophies. But I’ll try to hold off. These are just first steps.



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2 responses to “Shift

  1. Nancy Bird

    This is the nicest blog: changing, developing child; attentive, flexible, and creative mother. So fun to follow along, only I wish I had a book corner too.
    Speaking of books, have you considered submitting N Notes to a publisher, Catherine?

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